Due to ongoing limitations on travel and gatherings, we are unable to present our traditional, in-person Imaginations Design Competition this year. We remain committed to this important initiative and are currently assessing the potential of a modified experience. Thank you for your interest, and please continue to check back for updates.

Project Submission

The project challenge for the 2020 competition is the following:

Create an iconic installation on your campus or city that serves as an inspiration, honors the past, and is a vision of the future. It can be architectural, ornamental, static, active, whatever your team feels is the best way to represent your unique chosen location. It can be intimate or grandiose, but it should always be appropriate for the location selected. In telling the very unique story of your chosen spot, it should respect and integrate local traditions and geography. Your icon should be a place to gather and celebrate, as well as reflect and educate the community. A concept that will go down in history as symbolic of your campus or city.


Key Considerations:

Every participant will be required to tell his/her story as it pertains to this project and the role he/she played in it. Judging will be based on both an individual and group basis.

Tell a family friendly story. “Story” is not a fairytale, it’s the intent and values behind the narrative.

Do not use Disney IP (Intellectual Property) in any part of your proposal.

Do not use any Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality based solutions in your proposal.

Upon qualification into the competition, teams will receive the project parameters, project template, and instructions on how to submit their project.

[Please review the project submission instructions thoroughly as there has been updates]

  • Submission must include:
    • Description of the selected location
    • Overview of the proposed experience
    • Vision and purpose
    • Project renderings, schematics, and/or any other media needed to visualize or articulate the experience.
    • Every participant will be required to detail his/her process as it pertains to this project and the role he/she played in it. (i.e. How is your academic field of study or expertise represented in your portion of the project.  (Do not include the name of any University or team member on any page, image or video.)
    • Your university name can only be included in your submission if it is to specify the location of your installation.
  • Submission must follow the format provided on the project template.
    • Complete slides 1 & 2 with the description of selected location, overview of the experience/vision and purpose.
    • No more than 8 slides may be submitted to communicate your entire submission.  The first two slides that are prepopulated with questions, and 6 for your original details.
    • Slides 9 – 12 are to be completed by each team member to share their story – if you have less than 4 teammates the extra slides should be deleted or remain blank.  (Be as specific as possible, this is not the place for flowery language).
  • Any videos must be embedded in the submitted PDF. Links to video-sharing websites will not be accepted. Test your final pdf on a variety of machines, and after having sent it to somebody else to ensure any embedded video works in all circumstances.
  • All images and photos should include a description.
  • You must submit your projects via Disney SendIt  to WDI.Imaginations@disney.com please note you will be required to create an account and download software in order to submit your project.
    • All self-registered accounts will expire 12 months after activation or after 3 months of inactivity.
    • DO NOT send your projects via online cloud services such as google or drop box .
  • Your project submission must arrive to the Imaginations email inbox by 11:30 PM Pacific Time on November 7th.  To avoid getting stuck in heavy traffic on and around the deadline, please submit your project in advance.
  • If selected as a finalist team, you may bring artwork, illustrations, storyboards, story treatments, models, building designs and any other materials you have developed to the final competition.
  • Projects, entries and/or ideas may not be posted or displayed online until the culmination of the competition. Doing so will automatically disqualify the team.
  • All materials submitted to Walt Disney Imagineering will become the property of Walt Disney Imagineering and will not be returned.

Walt Disney Imagineering will not be responsible for and no extensions of time will be granted as a result of any delay in the delivery of any communications or submissions between you and Walt Disney Imagineering including but not limited to, delays attributable to the Internet, email delivery systems or the like.