Project Submission

The 2018 Imaginations Design Competition project challenge is:

Choose an actual abandoned or “ghost town” from anywhere in the world and re-vitalize it!

It might be as a working town, a historical landmark, a living museum, a themed experience, or whatever else you can dream up. Consider historical value and respect for the traditions and communities of the original and surrounding areas.

You can integrate the entire town, or carefully selected sections that best serve your idea and the location. Be mindful of any environmental impact that your proposal may have. What technological advancements will be necessary to not only develop your idea, but to engage guests to your new creation both in person, and before, during and after a visit?

How will your idea appeal to families? In what ways will it be accessible to as diverse an audience as possible? Is there a social service component to your creation that will be of value to the local community or beyond?

Please do not use Disney IP (Intellectual Property) in any part of your proposal.

Upon qualification into the competition, teams will receive the project parameters, project template, and instructions on how to submit their project.

  • Submission must follow the format provided on the project template.
  • Submission may not exceed eight slides or 10MB in size.
  • Submission must include:
    • Description of the selected location in its current state
    • Overview of the proposed revitalization
    • Vision and purpose
    • Project renderings, schematics, and/or any other media needed to visualize the enhanced location
  • Any videos must be embedded in the submitted file. Links to video-sharing websites will not be accepted.
  • All images and photos should include a description.
  • Do not include the name of any team member or team member university on any page, image or video.
  • Your project submission must be received by the project submission deadline.
  • If selected as a finalist team, you may bring artwork, illustrations, storyboards, story treatments, models, building designs and any other materials you have developed to the final competition.
  • Projects, entries and/or ideas may not be posted or displayed online until the culmination of the competition. Doing so will automatically disqualify the team.
  • All materials submitted to Walt Disney Imagineering will become the property of Walt Disney Imagineering and will not be returned.